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HisK is also Haely W. 16 years old. Professional fangirl and die hard otaku. Self taught amateur fine artists, novice writer & cosplayer. Dedicated instagram user and Space Dandy lover. Respect my ships, I respect you. ♪

Venting post, please ignore. Read at your own risk.

I can’t blame you for it, for it wasn’t your fault that I live my days wallowing in my own pitiful pool of sorrow, but tho I must admit I hate myself for thinking so, you just make the process so much more difficult. I’m sorry but the mere thought of your name makes my stomach turn and my heart sink and then a I sit alone, in my dark corner, consumed by the solitude and haunted by my ever so ongoing train of thoughts, remembering things that hurt me so, things I know that I desperately wish I never knew. Then I turn and try to give it another shot but I’m sorry I can’t stop hating you. And with the passing of time, I do not wish nor will I ever give the slightest effort to try and like you once more. You ruined me by not doing anything, by not being involved…you ruined me because I let myself think said thing…even if it’s not true…I don’t care anymore. 

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